Thought process.

As I sit here and think about things in my life, I ponder the occasional thought. Getting deep yet? Here’s what’s on my mind. We’ve all done something wrong. Yes, ALL of us.  We all new it was wrong at the time yet we kept on going. So here’s my thought. Do we have conciouses? It’s kind of like a mind over matter but we have an inadvertent built in “dont do that” that we can’t control. Like when you’re on a trampoline, you try to do a backflip but your mind keeps you from making the rotation because its scared you’ll land on your head. Sometimes we can control it, sometimes we can’t. Why? Are we weak minded? I can control nearly everything I do. Hard to believe but ya. You could tell me to go grab a hot iron and me, knowing its will hurt, would grab it. Mainly out of stupidity but I could do it. Others won’t even attempt it. Is that what they mean by “fear of the unknown”?  If you don’t know something will hurt until you actually endure that pain, then grade it on a scale, then Mark it up on a “things not to do list”. The harsh reality becomes a little more enduring when you find yourself doing things that don’t hurt you but other people, yet you maintain these things. It seems to me that your concious only kicks in if you are the person who is actually being hurt.


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