Social media

More often than not, I’m reading news stories that consist of murder, suicide, domestic violence and assault. Most of which have been tracked back to social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, MySpace and other various websites. Some couples actually share the same accounts. Is this due to a lack of trust or is this because they have nothing to hide? In my opinion, its due to a lack of trust. Me being the single guy I am, I have a Facebook and Twitter account. I rarely read my news feeds and almost never leave my own pages. Mainly because people get way too personal on them and I really don’t give two fucks about who is doing what. If you broadcast personal information over a series of social media places, more people find out about problems rather than good. I understand at times there’s really nobody to turn to so you use a site as a crutch to turn to people that you wouldn’t normally turn to. If its more often than not, then you’re on them for the wrong reason and you need to get off your fucking ass and go get real friends. That being said, let’s get back to the beginning. First off, if you’re in an untrustworthy relationship and your significant other is logging into your accounts to dig for some dirt, usually they’ll find something they don’t want to, which turns into arguments and possibly (at times) worst case scenarios. If you’re gonna snoop around, you should probably keep that to yourself. Especially if you find something that could be taken in the wrong way. The best possible solution to this is to just mind your own business. This brings me to my next question. Is social media ruining lives, relationships, friendships and families? I would say it is. I’ve seen and heard things about people that really turn my stomach and I wish I could reach out to help. The problem is that most people find it not to be a problem. When in real life, they’re just acting like it doesn’t bother them. So, if social media becomes such an issue with families and couples, why not just close the door? Delete your accounts, push past the whole “but I want to see what everybody is doing” concept and move on. Especially of its causing probems on your homefront. There are times that I find myself on these sites several times a day but when I realize my life is being consumed too much, I deactivate my account. Only to make sure I don’t get caught living my life vicariously through other peoples posts. Which isn’t much to say considering Facebook posts really only consist of two types: 1. I’m super depressed and nobody cares and 2. I have the best/worst boyfriend/girlfriend. I get so sick of reading these on a daily basis. Which is why I rarely leave my page. It also seems like its a popularity contest between people. Like, I have more friends/followers than you. Who gives a fuck? You may have 1,989,567 friends/followers but in real life, you probably only have a handful of people you interact with. I actually read a post the other day about a girl telling everybody that she was 8 weeks pregnant. When I looked at this post and the 12 comments on it, one of them was her mother. She told Facebook before she went to her mothers house, Sat down and told them in person. I was fucking dumbfounded. How can you tell a website before you sit down with your family? Social media is not only taking over peoples lives, its actually pulling families apart. Sad but its the truth. So I want to leave this post with a few questions you should ask before you post things:      Who am I going to hurt if I post this?  Who should I talk to before I broadcast to the world my personal information? What will my family/friends think about this?  Is this too personal for others?
There you have it people. Be kind, joke around, hell, be a complete asshole if you’d like but remember, if you’re telling Facebook/Twitter personal things before you speak with your family. You’re probably not using these sites for what they were designed.


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