Everything happens for a reason

I have recently been “let go” from my job. Basically the reason behind that was a supervisor got all power hungry, stated that I threatened to “kill him” and went crying like a little girl. So ne it. Here’s what was really going on. A few months ago, I decided that I didn’t want to be a bartender anymore. The hours suck, the patrons at the casino are even worse. (It’s your fault that they’re there losing money by the way) You never hear the end of it and the only people that tip are the ones who actually appreciate what you do for them. Anyway, I decided to research some schools. Film schools to be exact. I googled and googled until I found one that offered everything I was looking for, not just a broad digital media program like most. This school offers a 360 degree ratio of everything from preproduction to postproduction and literally everything in between. The problem is its in Orlando. I call my mother, talk everything over with her and make my decision to apply. I get in. It’s like a dream come true, I’m super excited so I put some money down on my seat in the film program. I go to work and tell people that I got accepted into film school and everybody seems to be happy for me. I guess I just stopped caring because I was leaving. It’s whatever, so I have a bit of a tiff with a power hungry egotistical pick of a supervisor that literally has zero reason being any type of management material. He gets a boner every time he gets the least bit of pull. It annoys the fucking fuck fluid out of me. There’s nothing I would rather do than go in there and cause such a scene that he loses his job. The problem is that I’m a better person than that. The way I look at things is that this firing happened for a reason, a small sign that I need to get the fuck out of the Burgh. Helping me initialize my film school and get my shit together for a lifetime of successfulness. The only problem that comes to mind now is how am I going to fund such ambitions? Where there’s a will there’s a way. (good thing my middle name is William) I’m not gonna let such a small bump in the road stop me from following my dreams. Hell, I’ve been fired from a lot more important people. The only issue I have with being “released from payroll” is that they put me on a type of tribal counsel straight off of survivor. It bothered me that these people that were supposed to be in control of my job were people I’ve never me, let alone have ever seen. I found that ironic but went with it. I stated my case, twice and waited. As I waited, these 3 people voted on my initial termination or to overturn it. When they invited me back into the room, there was a large square box with a hole in the top. (a bit overkill if you ask me, especially for only 3 ballots)  He tells us that the decisions on these ballots will reflect my job. The first said that I needed to remain terminated and so did the second. He said “well Joe, I guess we don’t need to read the third”. Me being the asshole that I am, I said “so is this where we put out my torch”? I looked around the room, I could see it in everybodys that they were doing everything they could not to laugh. I stood up, shook everybody’s hand, thanked them for the opportunity and walked out with my head up high. Now this is where I think its happened for a reason, maybe this is just a sign from the good old Lord giving me a chance to get out and put myself into a situation that I would rather be in. All signs point to yes and with the proper support from my friends and family. I’m gonna be a lot better off without the casino in my life. Yes, I’m gonna miss all the people that made an impact on me but hey, if they want me in their life, they’ll put me there.


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