That awkward moment

Within this post, you’re about to find me, being part of the most awkward situations I’ve ever found myself in. Not to mention, that more than half of you will never find yourself put into this type of situation.

Here goes.

     Back in 07-08 (roughly) I found out that Linkin Park was going to be headlining a summerfest in Pittsburgh. I’m late on trying to find tickets because I’m basically too cheap to pay full price for anything and I pretty much want somebody else to pay for me. So the day of the concert, I exhaust all my options and text everybody in my phonebook as well as post a status on Facebook about my undire need for a ticket to this show. Both my brothers are going to be at this show tailgating and are trying to find a ticket for me. Neither are successful. I start my travels to the venue just to participate in some binge drinking and family time with my brothers. On my way to the beer distributor, I receive a text message from a friend stating that her guy friend “Brank” has a ticket and I wouldn’t have to pay for it as long as I provided a ride to and from the concert. JACKPOT! I arrange for him to walk to the beer distributor and meet me because there was no fucking way in hell that I was going to go out of my way to get him. I don’t give 2 shits if he has to walk a marathon to meet me. I need beer and a ticket, he needs a ride. Who’s going to win? Me of course. Anyway, I eventually get to the beer distributor, purchase my high end “keystone light” (because a 30 pack is like 8 bucks and I’m just trying to get fucked up) get back to my car and wait. After about what seemed to be an hour, I look over to the left and see my ex-girlfriends ex-boyfriend. It’s at this point in time that I realize that the person who was giving me the ticket in exchange of a ride was the same person, Brank. Fuck, what am I supposed to do now? He knows that the person he’s supposed to meet is Joe. Maybe he’s put all this shit together and realized what a fucking terrible idea it was. Regardless, I wanted to see this fucking show. I take a few breaths, look in his direction and yell “Brank… Brank… BRANK!!! YOU FUCKING COMING OR WHAT? (i have no shame, nor do I care. He had something I needed and I had something he needed… Plus beer). As he walked to the car, finally piecing together who I was, he had a look of complete disgust on his face. He is now getting into the same vehicle, with the same guy, that his girlfriend left him for. To make things worse, I had just ended all contact with her and had absolutely no reason to talk about it. The fucked up part… He asked me how she was doing. Clearly, I couldn’t sit there and act like I didn’t speak with her any more. So I lied. “Oh man! She’s doing great! She couldn’t be better” (I had no fucking clue what she was doing but I didn’t want to make it look like I fucked it up with her too) “cool” he responded. Now, in retrospect, back in the day, this guy would follow my older brother and I around and throw bottles at us as we walked down the street. So to get him in a large group of my friends would be sweet bliss. This happened. We made fun of him, picked on him in relentless ways and pretty much put him down in every possible way. We’re drunk, I try to get him equally as drunk and hopefully just leave him at the venue with no way back. I eventually get sloppy drunk, explain to my brothers my intentions and wander off leaving my cell phone with my brothers, just to male it seem like I was legitimately drunk and irresponsible. That way, when he is stranded, he can’t hold a personal grudge and it all looks like an accident. (im a fucking genius right?) I meet back up with my brothers in the concert, have a blast the rest of the night and head back to my car. My brothers returned my cell phone when we met back up. So know I have to ignore calls and texts. I do. What I wasn’t anticipating was that he was going to be standing at the exit waiting for me to roll through so he didn’t miss his ride home. So there I was, ignoring a phone call, when low and behold, there he is… I probably looked like a fucking asshole staring at my phone as he had his to his ear calling me but whatever. He got in my car and I drove him to where we initially met. I wasn’t going further. I often wonder where I would be if I weren’t put in these kind of situations. Character building 101 I guess. Am I the only person something like this has happened to?


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