Packing for my move to Florida.

Today was a rather peculiar day for me. I started putting things together and organizing things for my big move. I had a lot of shit go through my head as I was doing this. Was moving to further educate myself the best possible decision I can make? Was I doing everything accurately to enhance myself to the job market? Then it hit me. We all live on an edge between existence and nothing. That’s it. None of us actually know what is going to happen tomorrow. We’re here one day, gone the next. Nobody actually knows when our time will come. That’s pretty fucking scary to think about. Obviously none of us want to go tomorrow but realistically, some of us will. This saddens family and friends but is real. Maybe I’m thinking too much or maybe it’s just a harsh reality. I don’t have much, nor do I have a lot of close friends. I literally can count them on one hand and three of them are family members. So now, I get to move to an entire new city full of people I don’t know. Which won’t be that difficult of a transition for me. Anyway, the point of this is really that I have nothing that I really want to take from my shitty life in Pittsburgh and move it to my shitty life in Orlando. Maybe some clothes but really I just want a fresh start for my life. It just really bothers me that I don’t have a single thought or rational as to why I still exist. Ya I’m sure whoever reads this will probably just interpret it as depressing and sad. It kinda is. Especially when none of us know when our last day will be on this earth. If you knew when your last day was going to be, what would you do before that day came?


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