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Social media

More often than not, I’m reading news stories that consist of murder, suicide, domestic violence and assault. Most of which have been tracked back to social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, MySpace and other various websites. Some couples actually share the same accounts. Is this due to a lack of trust or is this because they have nothing to hide? In my opinion, its due to a lack of trust. Me being the single guy I am, I have a Facebook and Twitter account. I rarely read my news feeds and almost never leave my own pages. Mainly because people get way too personal on them and I really don’t give two fucks about who is doing what. If you broadcast personal information over a series of social media places, more people find out about problems rather than good. I understand at times there’s really nobody to turn to so you use a site as a crutch to turn to people that you wouldn’t normally turn to. If its more often than not, then you’re on them for the wrong reason and you need to get off your fucking ass and go get real friends. That being said, let’s get back to the beginning. First off, if you’re in an untrustworthy relationship and your significant other is logging into your accounts to dig for some dirt, usually they’ll find something they don’t want to, which turns into arguments and possibly (at times) worst case scenarios. If you’re gonna snoop around, you should probably keep that to yourself. Especially if you find something that could be taken in the wrong way. The best possible solution to this is to just mind your own business. This brings me to my next question. Is social media ruining lives, relationships, friendships and families? I would say it is. I’ve seen and heard things about people that really turn my stomach and I wish I could reach out to help. The problem is that most people find it not to be a problem. When in real life, they’re just acting like it doesn’t bother them. So, if social media becomes such an issue with families and couples, why not just close the door? Delete your accounts, push past the whole “but I want to see what everybody is doing” concept and move on. Especially of its causing probems on your homefront. There are times that I find myself on these sites several times a day but when I realize my life is being consumed too much, I deactivate my account. Only to make sure I don’t get caught living my life vicariously through other peoples posts. Which isn’t much to say considering Facebook posts really only consist of two types: 1. I’m super depressed and nobody cares and 2. I have the best/worst boyfriend/girlfriend. I get so sick of reading these on a daily basis. Which is why I rarely leave my page. It also seems like its a popularity contest between people. Like, I have more friends/followers than you. Who gives a fuck? You may have 1,989,567 friends/followers but in real life, you probably only have a handful of people you interact with. I actually read a post the other day about a girl telling everybody that she was 8 weeks pregnant. When I looked at this post and the 12 comments on it, one of them was her mother. She told Facebook before she went to her mothers house, Sat down and told them in person. I was fucking dumbfounded. How can you tell a website before you sit down with your family? Social media is not only taking over peoples lives, its actually pulling families apart. Sad but its the truth. So I want to leave this post with a few questions you should ask before you post things:      Who am I going to hurt if I post this?  Who should I talk to before I broadcast to the world my personal information? What will my family/friends think about this?  Is this too personal for others?
There you have it people. Be kind, joke around, hell, be a complete asshole if you’d like but remember, if you’re telling Facebook/Twitter personal things before you speak with your family. You’re probably not using these sites for what they were designed.


I’m a terrible person, I’m a terrible friend. I do everything I can to gain one on somebody else. It’s been brought to my attention that I leave so much shit behind for everyone else to clean up. it makes me sick. I’m not proud nor am I happy about it but It’s who I am. Sorry, I fuck shit up. My mother always told me to stick with what I was good at. I’m good at fucking shit up and drinking. Which makes me an asshole. I’m sorry.

L.A. Waters

If you’re following this blog then you probably know the short version of my trip to L.A. What you don’t know is what I discovered while I was there and how drunk I got during this overnight stay in the city of angels… 2 words: L.A. Water. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “what the hell is that”? I’ll post the recipie. If you have ever been to LA then you know the jokes about the water there. If not, make one of these at home and you’ll see why they’re called what they are. During our hour drive up to LA, we decided to bring our co-pilot, Captain Morgan. Not just any Captain though, this was different. It was a pre-mixed long island version. Consisting of rum, gin, vodka and whiskey. That’s right, whiskey. No tequila. Anyway, the three of us pass this gallon concoction around like its a goddamn bag of Oreos in jail. We finish it just in time to hit sunset, then Hollywood. Empty stomach style. We hit the Roosevelt hotel on Hollywood Blvd, grab a beer because our stomachs aren’t liking the idea of hard liquor anymore. Chill for a few then head on out to another spot. This bar offers $1 shots. We don’t care what it is but we order 20 (there’s only 4 of us). Pound those down and now its time for us to hit a night club, because when you’re in Hollywood, you just have too. We get there, I speak with the bartender about running a tab and off to the races we go. I step outside to have a quick smoke because I’m the only smoker in the group (rad) and this is the point where all the shots and liquor start joining forces to combine the “operation central nervous system freedom”. As I’m smoking a cigarette, I decide that I don’t want it anyway. I head back in, find my friends and a greenish-blue drink waiting for me. I taste it, its fucking delicious. I ask “what the fuck is this”? “oh, that’s an LA water”. I down it not knowing the potency, order another, then another… Then one more for good measure. I actually ended up giving this one away to one of our group members because I was on the verge of falling over. I take myself to the men’s room, compose myself, and move on with my evening. At some point when I went back for my friends, they weren’t where I left them. (or I was too intoxicated to actually be able to find them. I blamed them anyway) I get lost in the clum and manage to find myaelf walking Hollywood Blvd… Alone… Where there are more addicts and weirdos than I’ve ever seen in one place at one time. I try to re enter the club and they want me to pay another $20. Fuck that, its quater after one and I don’t need another drink. I continue walking until my phone rings and its my friends wondering where I went. I’m completely lost at this point and I don’t know how to find them, so I just keep walking in the “right” direction. I find them. That’s where the rest of my story ends up. Down in my other post you can read about it. Here’s the recipe.


Thought process.

As I sit here and think about things in my life, I ponder the occasional thought. Getting deep yet? Here’s what’s on my mind. We’ve all done something wrong. Yes, ALL of us.  We all new it was wrong at the time yet we kept on going. So here’s my thought. Do we have conciouses? It’s kind of like a mind over matter but we have an inadvertent built in “dont do that” that we can’t control. Like when you’re on a trampoline, you try to do a backflip but your mind keeps you from making the rotation because its scared you’ll land on your head. Sometimes we can control it, sometimes we can’t. Why? Are we weak minded? I can control nearly everything I do. Hard to believe but ya. You could tell me to go grab a hot iron and me, knowing its will hurt, would grab it. Mainly out of stupidity but I could do it. Others won’t even attempt it. Is that what they mean by “fear of the unknown”?  If you don’t know something will hurt until you actually endure that pain, then grade it on a scale, then Mark it up on a “things not to do list”. The harsh reality becomes a little more enduring when you find yourself doing things that don’t hurt you but other people, yet you maintain these things. It seems to me that your concious only kicks in if you are the person who is actually being hurt.

Time to reflect

In light of recent events, i have no choice but to sit back and reflect on what i have and have not accomplished in the last few weeks. You know that saying “you cant make a mountain out of a molehill”? I’ve actually taken that quite literally. Fact is, you actually can, when shit keeps piling up to the point where you have no clue what to start with and it turns a little problem into 100 different problems. That’s basically the point I’m at right now. I’ve got so many things taking me down a road that is un-chartered territory and i have no choice but to take it to heart. That being said, I took it upon myself to go out while i was visiting southern California and take a mountain face to face. I climbed 3 mountains during my stay there, each one being harder than the next.(i’ll write another post about my California adventure) I decided that if i can do this, my problems couldn’t possibly hold me back. In reality, it’s me that’s holding me back from my problems. For some odd reason, i think that if i procrastinate everything, it’ll eventually disappear. Wrong again brochacho. So today, i started tackling small problems. It seemed to go rather well, i pissed a friend of mine off so i reached out to see if it were possible to mend my drunken self back to where i should be in their life. It worked surprisingly enough, it just took me acknowledging i was in the wrong. Crazy to think how honesty can get you further in life than a bunch of small lies. Anyway, regardless, I’m pretty narcissistic. I almost always have to be the center of attention and when I’m not… Well, I’m not quite sure because i do everything in my power to be that way. This is another small problem that i need to work on. Outside of that, I’m not very nice to people I don’t know. (usually) I tend to put people down, make fun of their physical features and anything else i can get my little mind to create for me about them. It’s pretty fucked up so i should probably work on that one also. Finally i need to think about other people. I’m so quick to put myself first in 90% of every situation. I need to learn how to make myself more available to other peoples needs.